Ara Parseghian Medical Research Conference

This year we attended our first Ara Parseghian Medical Research Conference in Tucson, Arizona. I’m sad to say that the first day was spent locked up in our room with the flu bug. But after we were able to go about as normal. Morgan had decided that a room of doctors and scientist felt too much like school and spent most of her time hanging out with new friends in the hang out room. I was able to attend a full days worth of conference and was exceedingly grateful for the army of scientist and doctors fighting in behalf of those affected with NPC. In my head I kept calling them Morgan’s Army. For that is what they were, and army fighting for those like Morgan in giving them a better quality of life. I am glad that they all specialized in those areas because I felt that I was on information overload for the rest of the day. So we slept and rested and travel back home to Utah the next day.

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