A Magical Night with Make-A Wish

Shortly after Morgan got diagnosed with NPC, she was referred to Make-Utah. Morgan’s wonderful wish granters came to visit her bringing her some yummy treats and to begin the wish making process. Morgan’s first task was to come up with three wishes. 1. Something to have 2. Something to be 3. Somewhere to go.

Morgan has always been easy going and pretty much satisfied with what she already has. So after a lot of thinking she came up with her three wishes; 1. To go to Disney World 2. To see Taylor Swift 3. To have gluten free goldfish crackers.

So on Saturday, Jenna took Morgan out to get a drink at Fiiz, and then Morgan’s wonderful wish granters snuck in with loads of gluten free treats and gifts and waited until a slightly confused Morgan came through the door and then they revealed which wish that they would be granting.

And Morgan couldn’t have been happier!

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