A Trip to Paradise

One thing that we’ve learned along this journey is that life is precious, and the things that matter the most is family and memories. So with the new diagnosis of Ataxia, we felt that we needed to make as many memories as possible. So off to Kauai we go, making some sweet memories.

Most of the trip Morgan was just content to stay near the Condo. But we did get her to go on a boat ride with grandma and grandpa. We set sail on a sunset cruise, we spotted a few dolphins and got very wet. All the commotion made Morgan very tired.

Next we flew to Pearl Harbor. Although exciting at first, there was a lot of walking involved and of course she was ready to go home.

Food was also a highlight of the trip. Aside from having to share her corn with a hungry island chicken, Morgan found a Pomelo at the farmers market, which was something that she heard on Tick-Tock, but it turned out to be pretty sour.

Hawaii turned out to be what would be one of her most favorite trips. When asked why she said that it was because it was so peaceful.

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